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15 November 2008

Brain Delayed - In Transit

On my way down to Cape Town -- yet again -- for a Java Intro course -- yet again...

On arrival at the checking-desk, get told that I'm not booked to go to Cape Town, but am eventually found to be on my way to George from Cape Town. Returning to Cape Town on Friday. Wow! What happened here? OK, so off to the booking office where I have to fork out an extra R700 to cover the ticket change. Fortunately the SAA staff at George and I know each other by first name. (As a result I seldom have to produce ID to check in -- most of the staff can ID me by sight. Beat that for personal service! ;-)

Sudden thought: Let's check the car rental reservation. Sure enough! I'm booked to pick up a car in George. Get that one changed. Things are so screwed up at this point that I called the B&B where I'm allegedly booked to stay in CT. Yes, indeed, they DO have a reservation for me.

WTF was somebody at the travel agency thinking? This guy is going to fly from Cape Town to George, pick up a car there, and then stay 5 nights in Cape Town before reversing the journey?

Now I only have to waste an extra hour-and-a-half in the airport. I just love hanging about in airports, don't you?
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