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21 May 2013

Netbeans EE Dependency Madness

Dredging up an ancient persona-time web-project and dusting it off caused me to reinstall the Base-EE module for Netbeans - long my IDE of choice. To my dismay, Netbeans pops up the following list of dependent modules:
This is madness!

I will never be using JSF, IceFaces, PrimeFaces or Struts. There will be frost on the ground in Hades before I ever use any part of Spring Framework without being severely and repeatedly bludgeoned with a blunt instrument. And if I ever do choose to host a webapp "in the cloud", Oracle is probably going to be my very last choice, though I can understand them being desperate to punt their wares in an IDE that they do, after all, fund in some measure.

So why are these listed as required dependencies? It might be that the EE Base module uses some features from those modules, in which case, why have those not been broken out as separate modules, this being one of the huge strengths of the Netbeans Platform?

Something is very smelly in the nation of Netbeans!

10 March 2007

Great Tools, Great Times

Just as much as some software is a pain in the arse to work with (even though it may be totally essential) on the other side of the coin we discover things like the CSS editor in the Firefox/Web-Developer Toolbar!

Working on a significant look&feel upgrade for the farm website, I tripped across this thing today.  "Oh!" says Jason, "I've known about it for ages -- can't work without it.  I thought you knew..."  Well, call me Mr Slow...

Despite its few quirks and oddities, the ability to fiddle with CSS -- especially the somewhat complex CSS I'm working with, where there is a cascade of CSS files, each one overriding another -- and see the results as you type...

That rocks!
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