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04 March 2010

Those Damn JavaStations Just Won't Go Away

Actually, this thing - going by the dubious name of 'zero client' - looks to be something more like a SunRay than a JavaStation NC.

I have what is probably one of the only production JavaStations left in the world sitting downstairs - by the front door - waiting to get dumped for recycling. It is not one of those original concept JavaStations - youknow, the one that looked like the Heart Of Gold starship with Infinite Improbability Drive. Rather it was one that actually worked, looking more like a conventional PC, but with an odd (smart-card) slot in the front. It was part of a special production-run that Sun did for a client about 10 years ago which deal fell into disarray when the Left Hand of Marketing failed to talk to the Right Hand of Management at Sun, and they canned the entire JavaStation concept. As a result a couple of thousand of these JavaStations got dumped and the customer got the contract fulfilled by other means.

Actually, it would make a nice X terminal when running Linux. You'd just have to reflash the BIOS.

It occurs to me that there must be some JavaStation nostalgia buff out there that might want it. Any offers?
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