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18 January 2011

2011 Course Planning

Whew! Looks like March is going to be a busy month. I've planned no less than 3 courses back to back, so hard work ahead...

I'll be kicking off with the 5-day "Intro to Java" course on 7-11 March. It seems like Cape Town's demand for Java developers is insatiable. I've had requests from a couple of clients for this course simply because they just can't find good Java devs for their expanding teams, and they're going to be hiring developers with good OO experience from other (non-Java) environments and training them up for Java development as an alternative. Now, I know that any good developers loves learning new stuff, so I think these clients are doing a Good Thing by offering skills-development as part of their hiring process. My job is to give them the best possible Java Platform course, and I have great plans for delivering just that!

Next up will be the newly developed 5-day "Web Application Development with Servlets and JSP". If you've last looked at JSP technology a few years ago, possibly run away in terror at the sight of all the horrible in-page logic that made scriptlet-based JSPs such a nightmare for maintenance, then you really owe it to yourself to get up to speed with scriptlet-free, tag-based JSP development. The course includes topics on the new, new Servlet-3.0/JSP-2.2 enhancements that use annotation-based configuration.

And last, but not least, will be my much-acclaimed 4-day "OO Analysis and Design" course – thus fitting neatly into the 4 working days that remain after the Human Rights Day public-holiday.

I'm planning to run all the courses in Cape Town. (still looking for a great venue, so please drop me a line of you know of something extraordinary.)

Drop me a line if you're interested in any of these. Miss this opportunity at your own risk – I will probably not be scheduling courses in Cape Town again before August!

I'm offering an Early Bird discount of 20% to anybody who confirms a reservation before the end of January!

06 January 2010

New Courses Scheduled

Courses newly scheduled:

Please contact me directly if you're interested. Places are limited, especially for the Design Patterns course.

More to come soon... if you're interested, I suggest that you keep track of my course schedule page feed (the feed-link is near the top-right), or course-schedule calendar in your feed-reader.
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