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05 June 2011

Housekeeping Note - Server Change

Explaining why I've been so quiet lately: Migrating data and upgrading the software that runs the blogs and farm site (plus a bunch of other stuff) to a new server.  Yay upgrade!  Boo problems!  Just in time, too, it would seem, since the old server started mysteriously and frequently rebooting for no good reason, so I'm pretty sure that its been down more than its been up for about ten days now. :-(

Sorry if its all been very dodgy.

If anybody notices anything noticably untoward, please let me know -- I think I've moved everything over successfully, but not yet 100% sure, but, with the old server dying, I just want everything off it as soon as possible, so haven't had time to test all my new configuration properly.

28 September 2006

Small Server Outage

Small outage of this server yesterday.  Just one of those mysterious crashes, and then the networking fails to come back up.  Very frustrating and mysterious, because, as far as I can see, all the correct scripts are being run.

Not going to be the highest priority in my life, because I am planning to move the blogs and wikis to another hosting setup within the next few weeks, anyway, in an attempt to reduce costs.  Right no my main focus is on the garden and getting enough garden beds prepared for the Summer.

27 June 2006

More website progress...

Finally managed to get the farm web content up and running under the new JSPWiki - now I just have to hack the templates to conform to the new scheme of things.  The advantage is that I'll be able to secure the content-editing using the new permissions system in JSPWiki, instead of my old scheme of having two different template sets.  Means I will only have to maintain one template set in future.

JSPWiki is just such a great piece of software; the guys who develop it have a fine sense of "as simple as possible, but no simpler".

16 June 2006 Stage 2 retro rockets firing

So, Stage 2 of my experiment is now working - integration of the wiki (JSPWiki - the best wiki engine out there) with the blog system (Blojsom, in case you didn't notice, and also a best of breed piece of work).  Next I'll probably fiddle with wiki templates for a while to get some working the way I want things.  OTOH I don't want to drop too deep into Look and Feel issues before adding Forums.  (Isn't it a pity that "Fora" is such an ugly word that almost nobody gets without blinking?  Correctness sacrificed for common use.)

I'll probably go for using MVNForum, and have never yet had the pleasure of installing it, so I would really, really like to hear from anybody who has strong opinions (for or against) MVNForum, particularly from the viewpoint of installation and administration.

14 February 2006


Woke up to find the offshore (UK) server down again. This after having spent the best part of yesterday playing exactly the same game. No response from the datacentre for two hours! Eventually it took a phone-call to my provider to get some action going. Eventually we got the server back around 1 o' clock, but not before I had everyone screaming. I've asked the provider to replace RAM and PSu in an attempt to stabilise the thing, but we really have to look for a fail-over server. Trouble is that the cashflow right now just doesn't cover the costs. As it is, I am getting absolutely nothing out of this deal -- zippo! -- and am beginning to wonder if its worth it.

I mean, its all really very nice having your own server to play with, hosting your own wikis, blogs, etc., but I ask myself, "Is it really worth the bother?" I could probably move everything that I personally want and use onto a small/cheap VPS machine for a relatively small cost that I can carry myself as a hobby cost. Particlarly as I am likely to be able (Telkom-willing) to be able to get ADSL connectivity in a month-or-so, which will about halve my connectivity costs, so I could spend a little of that on a purely private VPS.

Just to add to everything, it looks like someone broke into the shed last night and made off with a bag of old clothes. They must have been disturbed by OB the PHD (pointy-headed dog.) I did hear a noise and her barking, and investigated sometime around 10:30 last night, but saw nothing -- not that I looked very well. We're so used to OB barking at bushpigs, bushbuck, porcupines and other night-wanderers that its a far-from-unusual happening.

What happened to all those dreamers who thought that 2006 was going to be the Turning Point? A Great Year?
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