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20 May 2010

Healthy Software Projects

Love this little gem on eXtreme Programming: eXtreme Pill: Increase the odds of a lasting, healthy software project
start your journey with a Lean coach that also happens to know intimately what software development is all about
Though it seems to come as a shock to some that such coaches actually want paying! ;-)

19 November 2007

Object-Relational Event

At long last EoD SQL 1.0 is out! Congrats to Lemnik on this achievement. But what is lurgy?

is an Object-Relational bridge -- an small library for getting (Java) objects in and out of relational databases. It is not an OR Mapper; that task is left to the developer. You get to specify how (Java) data elements correspond to which database columns handraulically, using annotations[1].  Not only that, but, as developer, you get to write all the SQL, too!  Good!  For me this is one of the best features of EoDSQL.  EoDSQL will never mess with your highly tuned SQL, will never get between you and your database.  I confess to finding myself far more comfortable with this sort of lightweight approach to the much-lamented "OR impedance mismatch" problem than other approaches I've seen to date.

The upshot of all this lightweight deliciousness is that it is screamingly fast!  Way faster than any of the heavyweight OR tools I've seen. And Lemnik is talking about implementing a compile-time tool to make it faster yet.

I have to confess to some bias, though: I was so impressed with the thing that I ended-up writing the tutorial for EoDSQL, so I'd welcome feedback on it, either here, or on the project's mailing list.

[1] So, yes, it is Java >=1.5 only. Anybody who is not already running 1.5 or better (production environments included!) has lost the plot (or has serious, perhaps fatal, legacy issues!)
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