28 April 2009

Code as Exploration of Unknown Territory

I have come to view coding as the act of exploring and charting unknown territory -- the wilderness of our cognitive space.

If we let it, as we go along, our code illuminates the crevices and crags of our understanding, and shapes as it goes, our ideas of where to go next.

Version-control is the key mapping tool.

I've just reached a point in the development of the mikroblogging tool where I (finally!) believe I understand what's needed; what might work as something new-ish and interesting-ish in the conversations we have over this Internet thingie...

It's not a conventional website like Twitter or Blogger. It's not a standalone desktop/PC-installed system doing some sort of smart p2p stuff. It's not a conversation follower nor a search tool nor a Bayesian-interest-detector. More something hybrid from all of these.

Let's see where the code will take me next...

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