16 February 2008

Taking on the Spammers: Datapro/Vox Telecom - Part 2

Yesterday, 14 Feb, the following response to my complaint to the Internet Service Providers' Association about one of their member's spamming activities:

FYI: Mr Reed is the CEO of Vox Telecom (the parent company), so hopefully we've got the attention of a Big Shot.
From: "Maggie Cubitt" <maggiec@voxtelecom.co.za>
To: <me>
Cc: "Douglas Reed" <douglasr@datapro.co.za>

Hi Mike As a listed Telecommunications Company we do take any reports of this
nature extremely seriously. We were very concerned to receive the
notification of your complaint to ISPA, and are obviously anxious to get
this resolved as a matter of urgency.

As there are many companies in the Vox Telecom Group and as DataPro, as
an ISP, does provide a bulk mailing service to customers as well, there
is a possibility that you are on one of our customer's databases.

In order to investigate this properly I would really appreciate if you
could forward me the "February newletter" to which you refer so that I
can investigate this thoroughly for you.

I look forward to your response.


I have forwarded the most-recent offending email -- "signed" at the bottom by a Mr Gary Sweidan, Datapro's Managing Director, I am sure he is blissfully unaware of the content, or that it is being blasted to a who-knows-how-large list of unwilling , unconfirmed, not-opted-in recipients.

Sadly for them, I redacted out all the recipient email address details and message UUIDS that might server to identify the address it was sent to ;-)

One of the few spammer activities more loathsome than "address repurposing" is listwashing -- removing the whiners from your list whilst blithely continuing to spam the quite ones who Just Hit Delete.

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